AB House by Jacobsen Arquitetura

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Location: Angra dos Reis, Rio de Janeiro, Drapeau du Brésil Brazil 

Total Area: 53.548,00 m²

Built Area: 935,00 m²

Year: 2016


Architects: Jacobsen Arquitetura

Team: paulo jacobsen, bernardo jacobsen, edgar murata, ricardo castello branco, fernanda maeda, beatriz falcão, henrique vetro, mariana chaves

Structural Design: Márcio Pompei

Light Design: Lightworks

Landscape: Jardim Imaginário

Construction: Construviva

Photos: Léo Finotti, Rafael Kamogawa

This project had to suit the strict environmental standards limiting the proximity of construction to the sea, its height, maximum occupancy of the land and changes in the topography. To this end, we developed several conceptual studies with different geometries and topographical approaches.

Final implementation was intended to create a connection between the two existing plateaus, generating a construction of a single, two-story volume.

Access is through either of the floors: the private area is on the upper level, closest to the slope of the terrain, and the social and recreational areas are on the lower level, near the sea. The large overhang that offers shade for the lower floor is also the verandah that sets the perimeter.

The transparent façades ensure the house users’ interaction with nature as well as the lightness of the impact of the construction on the landscape.

The construction techniques and materials used were all designed to develop the same architectural concept we use on the continent, only now on an island where access is limited.

We used a metallic structure and closures in prefabricated wood and glass panels, both easy to transport and enabling quick assembly, with a reduction of manpower requirements and low production of discards. Furthermore, this offered easy maintenance and low costs over the long run.

Jacobsen Arquitetura






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Image courtesy of Jacobsen Arquitetura


Jacobsen Arquitetura


Created by Paulo and Bernardo Jacobsen, Jacobsen Arquitetura today is a point of reference in the development of projects in dialogue with nature, without pre-conceived forms and in touch with its clients’ intentions and desires.

Paulo Jacobsen was Claudio Bernardes’ partner during 25 years in the Claudio Bernardes e Jacobsen architectural firm. Subsequently, with Thiago Bernardes, Claudio’s son, he created Bernardes + Jacobsen. In 2012, Jacobsen already had a depth of experience involving over 800 projects in various sectors, including high quality residential architecture, and the international experience of his son, Bernardo Jacobsen, who had worked with architects such as Christian de Portzamparc, in Paris, and Shigeru Ban, in Japan. Thus was Jacobsen Arquitetura born, which currently is developing approximately 60 projects with a team of 35 professionals divided between the offices of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

Over the years, the work of the firm has been refined, emphasizing a close relationship with nature in favor of the concept of true sustainability. Projects carried out in Rio, especially in regions of beaches or islands, working with natural materials, make extensive use of elements such as luminosity, transparency, fluidity of space and structural lightness. Through this proposal, a concept of Brazilian architecture was being established through the re-appropriation of modernism in dialogue with colonial and indigenous roots.

For more information, visit the Studio Jacobsen Arquitetura website



  • Estrada Das Canoas, 1419
  • São Conrado
  • Rio De Janeiro – RJ, Brazil
  • T. +55 (21) 2274-2700
  • contatorj@jacobsenarquitetura.com


  • Al. Gabriel Monteiro da Silva, 1310 / 061
  • Jardim Paulistano
  • São Paulo, SP, Brazil
  • T. +55 (11) 3087-0600
  • contato@jacobsenarquitetura.com


  • Cintura do Porto Lisboa ST, 1350-352
  • Leap Docas – Edifício Gonçalves Zarco
  • Lisbon, Portugal
  • T. + 351 211 548 281
  • contato@jacobsenarquitetura.com

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