ELL by Domaen

Type: Residential
Location: Benedict Canyon, California, United States
Size: 5,000 sf
Year: 2014-2015


Architects: Domaen
Design team: Chris Lowe, Axel Schmitzberger
Team: Jessica Ungos, Emily Williams, Stephen Scheuerer, Cooper Ballantine

Photographs: Paul Vu

All images courtesy of Domaen





As Founder and Principal at Domæn Chris dedicates himself to ensure that projects are handled with precision and personal attention, thus delivering superior, breathtaking products and services for each client.

Prior to Domæn, he was a successful artist in Seattle, where he was born and began painting. Immersed in the city’s creative pulse, Chris exhibited his work widely while applying himself in the construction trade and extended these talents to production and set design upon moving to Southern California.

He draws his ability to turn sheer ideas into material reality from this rich background in art, design, and construction – all of which set the tone for Domæn’s wide array of services. With years of hands-on construction industry experience and widespread recognition in the art world, he pursued his dream of founding a full-scale design, construction, and project management company.

His awe-inspiring designs have showcased in such notable publications, such as Signature and Lifestyle magazines. Chris’ integrity in meeting client’s needs and ensuring the highest quality in every aspect of a project has garnered him a reputation that underlies the core values at Domæn.



915 Mateo Street
Unit 205
Los Angeles, CA 90021

Phone: 310.424.5230
Fax: 310.929.7815
Email: info@domaen.net

VISIT Domaen



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