Villa GE by k-studio

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Location: Pilos, Greece

Year: 2017

Architects: k-studio

All images courtesy of k-studio


k-studio is an architecture firm based in Athens, Greece. It was established in 2002 by UCL graduates Dimitris and Konstantinos Karampatakis.

The studio has grown over the years with a multi-national staff working from the Athens offices as well as collaborators based in London. Together they have developed a reputation for their fresh, dynamic approach to architectural interventions. Their portfolio includes a variety of projects from shops, restaurants and offices to hotel rooms, apartments and new build houses. Built work is primarily based in Greece, the Greek islands and London with some projects located in France and Switzerland.

The office believes that creative experimentation and fresh thinking leads to exciting architectural experiences on every scale and in all aspects of life. Background research focuses on the characteristics of the site and brief and the design concept is developed through a palette of ideas and materials that honestly and holistically respond to both. This contextual approach produces unique architectural experiences for each project, in which every element of the design comes together within a clear concept that successfully presents the identity of the client.



Isavron 5

Athens 114 71

(0030) 210 677 7522
(0030) 210 677 7226



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