Can Busquera by Moredesign

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Location: Soller, Mallorca, Spain

Year: 2015-2016

Architects: Moredesign

Pictures by Greg Cox/Bureaux

Styling by Tille del Negro

Sometimes small town streets hide gorgeous properties with lush gardens, but one needs to look for them. We worked in Can Busquera for more than a year, the results go beyond our expectations. We felt as if everything felt into place as we developed the project, we explored new techniques and had great fun… but we still need to try the pool. 😉



All images courtesy of Moredesign


Oro & Manuel
Oro & Manuel

Moredesign is an office based in Deia, Mallorca, offering services in the fields of architecture, design and landscaping.   Founded by Oro del Negro, and Manuel Villanueva, Mordesign fuses a contemporary design approach with a revision of traditional practices and construction methods.

Oro del Negro, (1977) Design director, has vast experience in Mallorquian vernacular construction and is the creative force behind groundbreaking international  projects.

Manuel Villanueva (1977), Architecture director, has worked for major international architecture firms before founding Moredesign, such as Jean Nouvel, Herzog de Meuron and OMA.


– Maya Fenollera, (1977) Architect, has specialized in sustainable architecture, as well as having developed a great number of residential projects, public buildings and hotel developments. She was project leader at GCA architects in Barcelona before joining our office.

– Miguel Ros (1985), Architect, has been practicing architecture and undertaking artistic research across Spain, Portugal, Germany and Sweden before settling back in Mallorca.



Office / Deià / Mallorca / Spain /

C/ Porxo 9, Deia 07179

Islas Baleares, España

Tlf: 971 639 128

Click for link to map

Manuel Villanueva   Architecture Director

+34 687 830 338

Oro del Negro    Design Director

+34 699 768 663







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