DIAZ by Estudio Valdés Arquitectos


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Location: Chicureo, Santiago, Chile

Year: 2014

Architects: Estudio Valdés Arquitectos / L. Valdes, A. Demaria, F. Rocca

Photographer: Felipe Diaz Contardo


All images courtesy of Estudio Valdés Arquitectos

Estudio Valdés Arquitectos

“Our Studio was founded in 2003 as a modern response to the needs of contemporary times. The aim of our architectural firm is to raise the standards in the quality of Architectural Projects by quickly fulfilling requirements, incorporating more precise and rigorous solutions and upholding a strong commitment to the art and aesthetics of our field.

With common values and a unique organizational structure that enables our architects to take an active role as partners in each project, our team of professionals rose to this challenge.

Our Studio has focused on developing projects on a variety of scales, with a strong emphasis on urban design. We are always seeking to incorporate novel proposals for programs, uses and typologies. This approach complements our firm’s passionate drive to define unique architectural expressions with innovative and original materials.”


Av. del Valle 945 of. 1601 Ciudad Empresarial

Huechuraba, Santiago – Chile

(56 2) 2 248 2657



Estudio Valdés Arquitectos


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