Penthouse G by Juma Architects

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Location: Gent, Belgium

Year: 2017

Architects: Juma Architects

Photography: © Annick Vernimmen

This new penthouse was realized on the roof of an existing apartment building overlooking the 3 towers of Ghent. JUMA positioned the window sections precisely so as to frame the view onto the towers, and bring them fully to the fore.

Because of its excellent orientation, the immense terrace not only lets one enjoy the striking Ghent skyline, but also allows maximum sunlight entry. Particularly challenging elements in this project were the chimneys and technical shafts that had to be incorporated. Take, for example, the shaft that runs through the kitchen island, that has however been elegantly concealed by covering it with a gray mirror.

The bedroom and bathroom are conceived as one large suite, a layout that creates a highly spatial feeling. Finally, to minimize the weight of the rooftop penthouse, a wood frame construction was opted for.

Juma Architects

© Annick Vernimmen
© Annick Vernimmen
© Annick Vernimmen
© Annick Vernimmen
© Annick Vernimmen
© Annick Vernimmen
© Annick Vernimmen
© Annick Vernimmen
© Annick Vernimmen
© Annick Vernimmen
© Annick Vernimmen
© Annick Vernimmen

All images courtesy of Juma Architects  © Annick Vernimmen

Juma Architects

mathieu luyens & julie van de keere

JUMA Architects is a Gent based architecture firm founded by Mathieu Luyens & Julie van De Keere in 2009 with a focus on creating well-crafted and custom made structures.

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JUMA Architects


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