Villa Pruhonice by Jestico + Whiles

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Location:  Pruhonice, Prague, Czech Republic

Area: 560 sqm

Year: 2014


2015 Baumit Façade of the Year
2015 Czech Grand Prix Awards – Honourable mention

Architects: Jestico + Whiles

Photography: Ales Jungmann

Jestico + Whiles was appointed to design a luxury private villa in the heart of the prestigious Pruhonice, near Prague.

The client’s vision was to create a family home which fuses clear lines and minimalist spaces with a maximum visual and physical connection with the external landscaped gardens.

The building is conceived as a landscaped artwork where the whole south façade is transparent, allowing natural light to flood the whole living space.

The north façade, by contrast, is created from a series of living picture frames, each of which defines a particular view or object.

The whole building is designed as an intelligent home utilising the latest available technologies for lighting, audio visual, thermal comfort and security, and achieved a high level ‘A class’ energy rating.


Jestico + Whiles

Villa Pruhonice by Jestico + Whiles 02Villa Pruhonice by Jestico + Whiles 03Villa Pruhonice by Jestico + Whiles 01Villa Pruhonice by Jestico + Whiles 04Villa Pruhonice by Jestico + Whiles 05Villa Pruhonice by Jestico + Whiles 06Villa Pruhonice by Jestico + Whiles 07Villa Pruhonice by Jestico + Whiles 09Villa Pruhonice by Jestico + Whiles 08

All images courtesy of Jestico + Whiles

Jestico + Whiles

Jestico + Whiles is an award-winning architectural and interior design practice with offices in London and Prague.





Sutton Yard, 65 Goswell Road
London EC1V 7EN
United Kingdom

+44 (0)20 7380 0382



Štefánikova 43a
Praha 5 150 00
Czech Republic

+420 257 310 460


Jestico + Whiles



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