Bluff House by Auhaus Architecture

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Location: Barwon Heads, Victoria, Australia

Year: 2013


2014 Houses Award Shortlist

2014 Idea Awards Shortlist

Architects: Auhaus Architecture

Builder: Ashley Crowe Builders

Photography: Trevor Mein & Auhaus Architecture

Bluff House is a three level house designed for a steeply sloping site backing onto the Barwon Heads golf course. The house is designed as a series of stepped interior and exterior spaces meandering upward from the street towards seclusion and views at the rear of the block.

A pair of gnarled and twisted Moonah trees at the rear of the site are a gift the project – their generous canopy enveloping the living zones and their sculptural trunks creating a focal point at the end of the entry axis.

The house and landscape are fully integrated, providing a series of fluid living zones and a continuous dialogue between the internal spaces and surrounding environment. The tapered, curved studio space, landscape entry stair and roof planters evoke the local bluff landscape, drawing you up and into the heart of the house.

Auhaus Architecture

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All images courtesy of Auhaus Architecture


Auhaus is an architecture and design studio operating out of Melbourne and Barwon Heads, Australia. The studio was founded by Architects Benjamin Stibbard and Kate Fitzpatrick, both of whom worked in larger residential firms before establishing Auhaus in 2011. With a different set of priorities in mind that went beyond the bottom line, Auhaus have made a name for themselves creating bespoke homes along Victoria’s surf coast and in Melbourne’s leafy suburbs. Avoiding the shopping list approach, each design is inspired by site context, landscape and importantly, the way in which their clients live. Kate and Ben are drawn to the complexities and intricacies inherent in every project and revel in the initial broad brush pen strokes down to the in-house fabrication of  joinery hardware and lighting, ensuring that every project is rigorous, engaging and highly tailored to the end user.

Kate and Ben are both Registered Architects with the ARBV, and Auhaus Architecture is an A+ member of the Australian Institute of Architects.




96 Chestnut St Richmond 3121

Phone 03 9410 4733 or 03 9429 4126

Ben 0411 229 395

Kate 0423 604 184



51A Hitchcock Avenue, Barwon Heads 3227

Ben 0411 229 395

Kate 0423 604 184


Ein Hayam Residence by Neuman Hayner architects

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Location: Ein Hayam, Israel

Area: 210 sqm Plot:400 sqm

Year: 2017

Architects: Neuman Hayner architects

Design team: Sharon Neuman, Tamar Zohar

Photography: © Amit Gosher

© Amit Gosher
© Amit Gosher
© Amit Gosher
© Amit Gosher
© Amit Gosher
© Amit Gosher
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© Amit Gosher

All images courtesy of Neuman Hayner architects |© Amit Gosher



Neuman Hayner architects is a young yet highly experienced offic.Sharon, Iftah, and the studio team are designing projects of varying scales including civic, corporate and apartment buildings, as well as hotels, private residences, offices, restaurants, commercial centers, and preservation projects.

Sharon Neuman (partner) – Architect and product designer, graduated from the Technion with honors, acquiring a B.Sc. in Physics, as well as a B. Arch. She then continued her studies at the Technion – M.Sc. in Industrial Design with honors. She also acquired a B.Sc. in Architecture from WIZO academy (Canada, Haifa, and Cardiff University – Wales). Sharon started her firm in 1997, and since has designed hundreds of buildings, many of which have been published in professional press and books. Sharon had two solo exhibitions (product design and photography) and participated in many group exhibitions.

Iftah Hayner (partner) – Architect, graduated from the Technion with honors in 2007, acquiring his B.Arch. Began his work at Yoav Messer Architects after graduating, and quickly became the senior architect. Through his work, Iftah gained experience in designing, and leading projects of varying scales, including educational institutes, civic buildings, hotels, saturated constructions, and offices.


Derech HaRishonim 1, Kfar Vitkin – 09.9545842
Sharon Neuman 052.2433042
Iftah Hayner 054.5595062


Neuman Hayner architects