Otter Cove by Sagan Piechota Architecture

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Location: Carmel, California, US

Area: 10,000 sq ft

Year: 2008

Architects: Sagan Piechota Architecture

Photography © Joe Fletcher

Perched atop a rocky outcrop overlooking the ocean, this Carmel residence strives to appear as a natural extension of the landscape while resolving competing private and public concerns.  The large area of the house is disguised by splitting the house into two wings.  Stone cladding predominates, rooting the house in the site and visually connecting with the rocky cove.

Sagan Piechota Architecture

Otter_ Cove_Sagan_Piechota_Architecture_03
© Joe Fletcher
Otter_ Cove_Sagan_Piechota_Architecture_01
© Joe Fletcher
Otter_ Cove_Sagan_Piechota_Architecture_05
© Joe Fletcher
Otter_ Cove_Sagan_Piechota_Architecture_02
© Joe Fletcher
Otter_ Cove_Sagan_Piechota_Architecture_04
© Joe Fletcher
Otter_ Cove_Sagan_Piechota_Architecture_06
© Joe Fletcher
Otter_ Cove_Sagan_Piechota_Architecture_07
© Joe Fletcher
Otter_ Cove_Sagan_Piechota_Architecture_08
© Joe Fletcher
Otter_ Cove_Sagan_Piechota_Architecture_09
© Joe Fletcher
Otter_ Cove_Sagan_Piechota_Architecture_10
© Joe Fletcher
Bergeron_Otter_ Cove_Sagan_Piechota_Architecture_12
© Joe Fletcher
Otter_ Cove_Sagan_Piechota_Architecture_11
© Joe Fletcher

All images courtesy of Sagan Piechota Architecture | © Joe Fletcher


Sagan Piechota Architecture

Daniel Piechota

Daniel Piechota earned a Bachelor of Architecture in 1987 from the California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo. While in college he spent a year studying in Denmark and upon graduation worked as a carpenter for Bart Prince.  An apprenticeship with Mickey Muennig followed where he participated in several projects including the design and construction of the iconic Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur, California.

Prior to forming SPA, Daniel owned a practice in Los Angeles where he established a reputation for design that conveys a modern sensibility without sacrificing warmth and livability.

“We are not bound by any style or architectural movement.  We are committed to discovering the most elegant and  authentic solution within every challenge.”

Loring Sagan

Loring Sagan grew up in both the Bay Area and Japan.  His exposure to the cultures and lifestyles of these two environments formed the basis for a particular point of view and a dedication to the pursuit of fine art and design.

Ceramics, painting, and sculpture were the original path with architecture following organically and naturally.  For twenty years his Sagan Design Group in Tahoe designed and built homes in resort and mountain locales.

In 1999 Loring began working with Daniel and together they formed Sagan Piechota Architecture to collaboratively pursue the art of architecture based on their compatible aesthetic and shared collaborative principles.



315 Linden Street

Between Octavia & Gough Streets

Hayes Valley

San Francisco  CA  94102

415 551 7600


Sagan Piechota Architecture



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