Day: May 5, 2018

YA-House by Kubota Architect Atelier

  Location:  Nishinomiya, Hyogo, Japan Site area: 888.54 m2 Footprint area; 180.88 m2 Tatal floor area; 239.11 m2 Year: 2015 Architects: Kubota Architect Atelier Structural system: Reinfoced concrete All images courtesy of Kubota Architect Atelier   Kubota Architect Atelier Contact VISIT Kubota… Read More ›

ORIGIN tree house | Atelier LAVIT

Client: Cabanes Nature et Spa Program: Hotel room Location: Château de Raray, France Area: 23 m2 Year: 2017   Architects: Atelier LAVIT Photography: © Marco Lavit Nicora ORIGIN is an exceptional cabin, a unique and tailor-made project. The architectural challenge for Atelier… Read More ›

Villa Tempérée by ARTELABO 

Location: Lodévois, Hérault, France Area: 120 m2 Year: 2016 Architects: ARTELABO Photography © Marie-Caroline Lucat All images courtesy of ARTELABO | © Marie-Caroline Lucat   PLANS   ARTELABO ARTELABO is an architectural firm based in Gignac, at the north of Montpellier (Hérault)…. Read More ›