The Woodman’s Treehouse by Brownlie Ernst and Marks Architects

Type: Leisure Building

Client: Guy Mallinson Woodland Workshop

Location: West Dorset, United Kingdom

Year: 2016

Cost: GBP 150,000


Architects: BEaM – Brownlie Ernst and Marks Architects

Team: BEaM, Guy Mallinson Woodland Workshop

The Woodman’s Treehouse is a luxurious two-storey suite arranged between and beneath the canopy of aged oaks in a rural green woodworking campus. The building is a truly collaborative design-build project constructed by highly skilled green furniture makers and traditional craftsmen with exceptional precision. The timber building draws on diverse architectural and cultural references combining with theatrical effects to create a visually rich and playful construction in the picturesque tradition. The plan is arranged around a central cylinder secreted within an octagonal outer casing. Box rooms clad in split sweet chestnut log stacks, oak laths and hand-cleft oak shingles are plugged into the core building. The treehouse is entered across a heavy oak block stressed ribbon bridge.

Brownlie Ernst and Marks Architects

The Woodman_s Treehouse by BEaM 01The Woodman_s Treehouse by BEaM 02The Woodman_s Treehouse by BEaM 03The Woodman_s Treehouse by BEaM 04The Woodman_s Treehouse by BEaM 05The Woodman_s Treehouse by BEaM 06The Woodman_s Treehouse by BEaM 07

All images courtesy of Brownlie Ernst and Marks Architects


Brownlie Ernst and Marks Architects

Brownlie Ernst and Marks-BEaM.jpg
Brownlie Ernst and Marks (BEaM)

Brownlie Ernst and Marks (BEaM) is an international architectural practice with global reach. more

Keith Brownlie
Keith Brownlie

Keith Brownlie RIBA RIAS FRSA is a British Architect with extensive experience in the architectural design of major infrastructure and urban design projects, including multi-modal transport facilities, public buildings and public pedestrian realm. He has an established international reputation for bridge design and has been involved in the design of numerous significant projects worldwide.

Major project experience includes the Tappan Zee Hudson River Crossing NY, Gerald Desmond Replacement Bridge  CA, South Capitol Street Bridge  DC, High Speed 1 rail link in the UK and the Fehmarnbelt Tunnel in Denmark. Keith is a former Director of Wilkinson Eyre Architects where he was responsible for a large body of award-winning work such as the Gateshead Millennium Bridge and the ‘supertall’ Guangzhou International Finance Centre.


Christian Ernst
Christian Ernst

Christian Ernst MAA is a Danish-registered, German Architect. He is a specialist in the architectural design of infrastructure and transportation projects and has exceptional experience on major international projects including some of the world’s most significant new bridges for road and rail. Christian runs the BEaM studio in Copenhagen, Denmark.

His recent major project undertakings include Velje Fjord high speed rail viaduct DK, Velje rail tunnel design and the new Norway National Stadium Bridge in Oslo. As a former board member and Architect with Dissing+Weitling Architecture, Christian was Project Architect for major international highway bridges including the Queensferry Crossing (formerly the Forth Replacement Crossing) in Scotland, the Gerald Desmond Replacement Bridge in the Port of Long Beach, California and many others.


James Marks
James Marks

James Marks RIBA RIAS is a British Architect based in the BEaM UK studio. James has a long track record of managing the design and delivery of significant infrastructure projects, structures and specialist buildings. His international experience includes many award-winning bridges of all scales.

His projects range from small bespoke structures such as the Kings Park Pedestrian Link in Perth Australia to major infrastructure including Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge in Washington DC, the Westgate Bridge in Melbourne and the ‘New NY Crossing’. As former Associate Director at Wilkinson Eyre Architects, James was responsible for a range of high profile bridges including Media City Footbridge in England, Peace Bridge in Northern Ireland, Living Bridge in Ireland, Nesciobrug in the Netherlands and many others.



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Brownlie Ernst and Marks Architects (BEaM Studio)


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