Programme: Fourth time renovation of an originally 1967 villa.

Location: Hilversum, Netherlands
Size: 542 m2

Year: 2011


BNA Project of 2012

Architects: Mecanoo Architects
Design Team: Dick van Gameren in collaboration with IDing Interior Design and Michael van Gessel Landscape

Photography: © Pedro Kok

A bungalow in Naarden built in 1967 was extended and transformed by Dick van Gameren into a contemporary villa. The visionary design led to a timeless house that reflects the personalities and needs of its owners. Previous renovations closed off the original heart of the house from the living space and entrance hall.

The renovation restores the relationship between the landscape and the house that had disappeared over the years. Sustainability also played an important role. This renovation marks the fourth version of the house. Using the existing structure as a basis, the elevations and roofs were updated.

Insulating materials were added and windows and facade elements were replaced. Removing the walls in the centre of the villa created space for a new living hall that overlooks the landscape on four sides.Two geometric roof constructions with skylights contribute to a spacious and light atmosphere. Adjacent to the living hall, a new glass pavilion extends towards the flowing stream. A fruitful collaboration with various partners ensured the sustainable ambitions of the house were fulfilled.

As part of the garden design by Michael van Gessel, felled trees from the site were stored as firewood for the ultra-efficient wood-burning stove in the kitchen.

A heat pump, solar water heating system and LED lighting address all other energy-intensive requirements such as the heating, cooling, hot water and electricity. IDing designed the timeless interior to echo the architecture.

Mecanoo Architects

Villa 4.0 by Mecanoo Architects 12
© Pedro Kok
Villa 4.0 by Mecanoo Architects 02
© Pedro Kok
Villa 4.0 by Mecanoo Architects 03
© Pedro Kok
Villa 4.0 by Mecanoo Architects 05
© Pedro Kok
Villa 4.0 by Mecanoo Architects 06
© Pedro Kok
Villa 4.0 by Mecanoo Architects 07
© Pedro Kok
Villa 4.0 by Mecanoo Architects 04
© Pedro Kok
Villa 4.0 by Mecanoo Architects 11
© Pedro Kok
Villa 4.0 by Mecanoo Architects 10
© Pedro Kok
Villa 4.0 by Mecanoo Architects 09
© Pedro Kok
Villa 4.0 by Mecanoo Architects 08
© Pedro Kok
Villa 4.0 by Mecanoo Architects 01
© Pedro Kok
Villa 4.0 by Mecanoo Architects 00
© Pedro Kok

All images courtesy of  Mecanoo Architects | © Pedro Kok



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