FL House by Jacobsen Arquitetura

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Location: Bragança Paulista, São Paulo, Brazil

Total area: 3.350,00 m²
Built area: 815,00m²

Year: 2017

Team: Paulo Jacobsen, Bernardo Jacobsen, Edgar Murata, Marcelo Vessoni, Marcela Siniauskas, Frederico Escobar, Pedro Ramos, Natália Tieri
Interior: Marcela Ernani Arquitetura

Landscape: Jardim Paulistano
Photography © Fernando Guerra|FG+SG

Based on a study of the terrain, we identified two striking visuals: the rear of the property, with a beautiful forest landscape; and the front of the lot, which offers an ample view of the setting sun with a field of orange trees in the background. The side views were not highly valued since neighboring lots will be occupied in the future.

From this reading emerged the image of a long, slender volume, parallel to the main road, with wide and slim edges forming generous balconies, completely open and transparent. In order to take advantage of these visuals, the construction was raised to the highest level of the land, allowing a lower floor camouflaged by lopes with vegetation and stone walls, where the garage, technical areas and employees were located.

The connection between these two levels was designed to be as natural and pleasurable as possible: a broad staircase with a slight slope in which the steps turn into planters and natural light penetrates through an opening in the ceiling, with the same dimensions of the staircase.

The social areas and bedrooms are on the main floor, which occupies the entire width of the land. In the center of the volume are the Living Room, Dining Room and Verandas, open to both sides and integrated through a high ceiling and four-meter-long eaves. The stone floor covering the rooms extends outside, forming the terrace and swimming pool; the protection of the forest trees ensures a quiet and private garden.

To the right of the rooms were placed the Home Theater, the Kitchen, the Gourmet Area and a pool changing room, offset by a large stone wall that borders the side of the house. On the opposite side, the six en-suites, three in the house next to the main block, were slightly suspended to the height of the garden, making the volume lighter and also generating cozier internal heights.

Few materials were selected to compose the finishing toolkit: South American walnut (freijó), for the roofing lining; stone wood for walls and slopes; charred wood for moveable panels and semi-polished granite for the floor.

Jacobsen Arquitetura

FL House by Jacobsen Arquitetura 01
© Fernando Guerra|FG+SG
FL House by Jacobsen Arquitetura 02
© Fernando Guerra|FG+SG
FL House by Jacobsen Arquitetura 03
© Fernando Guerra|FG+SG
FL House by Jacobsen Arquitetura 04
© Fernando Guerra|FG+SG
FL House by Jacobsen Arquitetura 05
© Fernando Guerra|FG+SG
FL House by Jacobsen Arquitetura 06
© Fernando Guerra|FG+SG
FL House by Jacobsen Arquitetura 07
© Fernando Guerra|FG+SG
FL House by Jacobsen Arquitetura 08
© Fernando Guerra|FG+SG
FL House by Jacobsen Arquitetura 09
© Fernando Guerra|FG+SG
FL House by Jacobsen Arquitetura 10
© Fernando Guerra|FG+SG
FL House by Jacobsen Arquitetura 11
© Fernando Guerra|FG+SG
FL House by Jacobsen Arquitetura 12
© Fernando Guerra|FG+SG

All images courtesy of Jacobsen Arquitetura | © Fernando Guerra|FG+SG


Jacobsen Arquitetura

Paulo and Bernardo Jacobsen.jpg
Paulo and Bernardo Jacobsen

Created by Paulo and Bernardo Jacobsen, Jacobsen Arquitetura today is a point of reference in the development of projects in dialogue with nature, without pre-conceived forms and in touch with its clients’ intentions and desires.

Paulo Jacobsen was Claudio Bernardes’ partner during 25 years in the Claudio Bernardes e Jacobsen architectural firm. Subsequently, with Thiago Bernardes, Claudio’s son, he created Bernardes + Jacobsen. In 2012, Jacobsen already had a depth of experience involving over 800 projects in various sectors, including high quality residential architecture, and the international experience of his son, Bernardo Jacobsen, who had worked with architects such as Christian de Portzamparc, in Paris, and Shigeru Ban, in Japan. Thus was Jacobsen Arquitetura born, which currently is developing approximately 60 projects with a team of 35 professionals divided between the offices of Rio de Janeiro , São Paulo and Lisbon .

Over the years, the work of the firm has been refined, emphasizing a close relationship with nature in favor of the concept of true sustainability. Projects carried out in Rio, especially in regions of beaches or islands, working with natural materials, make extensive use of elements such as luminosity, transparency, fluidity of space and structural lightness. Through this proposal, a concept of Brazilian architecture was being established through the re-appropriation of modernism in dialogue with colonial and indigenous roots.


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