Cassius Residence by RUFproject

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Location: Vancouver, Canada

Year: 2017

Building Design & Interior: RUFproject
Sean Pearson, Adrian McGeehan

Stylist: Laura Melling

Photography: © Ema Peter Photography

A full renovation of a turn of the century craftsman house in Vancouver’s Point Grey neighborhood.  Taking advantage of the panoramic views to the north shore;  the layout is a gradient from traditional to modern as you move through from south to north.

The informality, openness and cross functionality of the modern spaces contrast with the formality of the living room; giving the family the opportunity to have the best of both worlds – a cozy character home and a modern light filled home.

The upstairs master bedroom, with its incredible view, was rethought as an open set of spaces that fully take advantage of the original roof structure, exposing the ceiling completely through the introduction of new fir collar ties. A light steel structure allowed us to support the full expanse of glass to the north facade; bringing the outside into the house.

The downstairs slab was dropped to create higher ceilings for the family room; and a large pivot door was placed in the middle of the glass facade to support a direct connection to the outdoor garden. For us it was important to maintain the character of the house, not just in its aesthetic; but in its quirky spaces and unexpected moments; and build up on it with modern layer that allowing the house to embrace a modern way of living.


Cassius Residence by RUFproject 02
© Ema Peter Photography
Cassius Residence by RUFproject 01
© Ema Peter Photography
Cassius Residence by RUFproject 03
© Ema Peter Photography
Cassius Residence by RUFproject 04
© Ema Peter Photography
Cassius Residence by RUFproject 05
© Ema Peter Photography
Cassius Residence by RUFproject 06
© Ema Peter Photography
Cassius Residence by RUFproject 07
© Ema Peter Photography
Cassius Residence by RUFproject 08
© Ema Peter Photography
Cassius Residence by RUFproject 09
© Ema Peter Photography

All images courtesy of RUFproject | © Ema Peter Photography




The work of RUFproject, the multi-disciplinary design firm founded by Sean Pearson, contains both a rigorous aesthetic and an open-ness to crossing creative borders. Rather than starting with an idea of form, RUF focuses on the experiential aspect of the space they will create. Leaving behind any pre-conceived ideas of a project, they allow the design to emerge out of the narrative they weave with a client – whether it is a landscape, building, or branding concept.With their wide ranging international experience, grounded in a certain Canadian sensibility, their work is marked by high design standards and originality, but also by a commitment to an in-situ approach that respects the local, even as it references the global. Whether it’s an exquisite line in a Salt Spring Island house that brings the outside in and reinvigorates the tradition of West Coast Modernism, or a clever play between solidity and transparency in a Soweto sports stadium that contributes to a new architectural language in South Africa, RUF’s vision and integrity shine through.



260-49 Dunlevy Avenue
Vancouver, British Columbia
V6A3A3 Canada
+1 604-569-3282




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