Reception Pavilion by Otto Felix

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Location: Sao paulo/SP, Brazil
Area: 75 m²

Designer: Otto Felix
Team: Tici Andriani, Vic calil
Interior design: Tici Andriani
Landscaping: Daniel Nunes
Lighting: Otto Felix / Vertz

Reception Pavilion by Otto Felix_4

Reception Pavilion by Otto Felix_2

Reception Pavilion by Otto Felix_1

Reception Pavilion by Otto Felix_3

Reception Pavilion by Otto Felix_5

Reception Pavilion by Otto Felix_6

Reception Pavilion by Otto Felix_7

Reception Pavilion by Otto Felix_8

All images courtesy of Studio Otto Felix


Studio Otto Felix

Born February 1980, Otto Felix is regarded a reflection of the decade famous as the information age. He started as a DJ at age 13 and at age 18 he was already trained in Los Angeles as a helicopter pilot besides being a visual artist, photographer, stage designer, music producer and event producer.

In 2004 he graduated in Architecture and Urbanism from the University Paulista (UNIP), and has an MBA in marketing from the Getulio Vargas Foundation and specialized in entrepreneurship at Babson college in Boston. During his college years he discovered his taste and talent for marketing, specializing in commercial projects, corporate and retail, which require the study of market positioning.

In 2005 Otto opened the Studio Felix, who besides architecture, work with audio and design as well. Today Otto Felix focuses on exclusive projects regardless of size.


Studio Otto Felix

Rua Doutor Heitor Penteado, 1029
Joaquim Egídio Campinas SP
CEP 13.108.002

+55 19 3298.6678


Studio Otto Felix



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