Ranch House by The Archers

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Location: Beverly Hills, California, USA
Year: 2016

Architects: The Archers

A rambling fifties ranch house within a canyon setting was extensively remodeled in the nineteen eighties, with unfortunate results. In lieu of restoration, which seemed implausible, we opted to keep the Beverly Hills ‘ranch’ vernacular but translate it through modernism. We looked to Eero Saarinen’s 1957 Miller House for cues on incorporating modern details – framing, casework and material combinations – within a postmodern ranch vocabulary. The new interior is highly detailed and precise, with a complex system of posts, beams and brickwork, all painted in many subtle shades and finishes of white, from dead-flat to high-gloss lacquer.

The Archers

Ranch House by The Archers 01 Ranch House by The Archers 12 Ranch House by The Archers 02 Ranch House by The Archers 11 Ranch House by The Archers 05 Ranch House by The Archers 04 Ranch House by The Archers 03 Ranch House by The Archers 06 Ranch House by The Archers 07 Ranch House by The Archers 08 Ranch House by The Archers 09 Ranch House by The Archers 10


All images courtesy of The Archers

The Archers

Founded by Richard Petit and Stephen Hunt in 2002, The Archers is a team of designers, architects, artists, and cinephiles based in Los Angeles, California. The studio’s work comprises buildings, interiors and furnishings for private homes and public spaces.

The Archers is historically minded and research oriented, and although the scale and nature of the studio’s work varies dramatically, every project shares a commitment to authenticity, resonance of material, and experimentation rooted in precedent. Site-specific furniture and finishes are a defining aspect of the studio’s projects.

The Archers borrows its name from the production company of British filmmakers Powell & Pressburger. Like its namesake, the studio is collaborative and aspires to innovate. Using experience, passion and keen judgement, The Archers strive to make every space the only one of its kind.


The Archers
849 S Broadway #PH1
Los Angeles, CA 90014

323-850-8110 t


The Archers



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