Nirala Residence in London by Avci Architects

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Location: London, United Kingdom
Year: 2004

Architects: Avci Architects

AVCIARCHITECTS provided a full modernization and interior re-design for this private villa, set in the natural beauty of an outer-London estate. The finished residence is comprised of a large multi-level living room and gallery, a conservatory and a library, a swimming pool, six bedrooms, and an annex guest wing.

Avci Architects

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All images courtesy of Avci Architects

Avci Architects

Selcuk Avci and Sanja Jurca Avci established Avci Architects in London in 1989. In its first year, the practice won the top prize in the European Union biannual Energy Efficient Buildings Competition, a culmination of years of experience in sustainability, which set the tone for the direction of the practice. Although the practice specializes in many sectors in terms of programme, sustainability has become an underlying driving ethos, from the scale of regional masterplanning down to the design of a single product.

Avci Architects has designed projects in the UK as well as in Italy, Hungary, Saudi Arabia, Ghana, Serbia, Czech Republic, Slovenia and more recently in Turkey. Currently active projects include commercial and institutional offices, retail centres, private residential developments, and educational and cultural buildings including exhibitions and museums.

Avci Architects has studios in London, Istanbul and Ljubljana.



2 Eastbourne Terrace
London, United Kingdom


Tomtom Mahallesi,
16/1 Tercüman Çıkmazı,
Beyoğlu, Istanbul, Turkey
T: +90 (0)212 292 79 07
F: +90 (0)212 292 79 08


Avci Architects


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