LR2 House by Montalba Architects

Location: Pasadena, California, USA

Size: 4,200 square feet

Year: 2018

© Kevin Scott

Project Team: Montalba architects
Sarlan Builders
John Labib and Associates
EPT Design
Obando and Associates, Inc.
Roofing and Waterproofing Forensics, Inc.
Irvine Geotechnical, Inc.
Sean O’Connor Lighting
PBS Engineers
Marconi Radio
Digital Bel-Air
Paradise Theater

Kevin Scott

© Kevin Scott

LR2 House overlooks Pasadena and its adjacent mountains from its hillside perch. This new 4,200-square-foot house is made up of several distinct living volumes and programs.In response to the client’s desire to retain a significant portion of the existing flat pad between adjacent slopes, the volumes are stacked to create a rotated series of rectangular masses abutting the hillside, each with its own take on indoor/outdoor space. Outdoor breezeways, porches, courtyards, covered walkways and an immense rooftop deck extend the reaches of the limited floor area to the natural chaparral and views beyond. The house includes guest suites, a home office, gym, and theatre screening room, as well as abundant outdoor spaces, all taking in views of the surrounding hills and valley. 

LR2’s programmatic elements peel away from the primary group of building blocks and shift to follow the rough slope of the hillside terrain. The intended entry sequence flows with the landscape, guiding visitors along a reaching sidewalk that extends under the mass of the building. The compression of the resulting space offers a unique arrival experience incorporating the natural creek just beyond front door, which is nestled on the second floor.

Montalba Architects

© Kevin Scott


2020 Blueprint Awards
2020 The Plan Awards, Finalist
2020 SCDF Design Awards
2019 AIA California Residential Awards
2019 AIA|LA Residential Architecture Award, Honor Award
2019 American Architecture Award, Chicago Anthenaeum
2019 WAN Awards, House of the Year
2019 World Architecture Festival, Finalist
2019 Architecture MasterPrize
2019 LABC Architectural Awards
2019 DNA Paris Design Awards

© Kevin Scott
© Kevin Scott
© Kevin Scott
© Kevin Scott
© Kevin Scott
© Kevin Scott
© Kevin Scott
© Kevin Scott


Montalba architects

Los Angeles Office

2525 Michigan Ave., Bldg. T4Santa Monica, California 90404 (310) 828 1100

Lausanne Office

Rue Centrale 6 (fourth floor)Lausanne, CH-1003 (0) 21 311 4296


Montalba architects


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