Nature Eco Residences Santorini by Giorgos Zafiriou Architect & Dimitris Loukas Interior Design

Location: Santorini, Greece

Total area: 600 m2 | Site area: 1000 m2

Year of completion: 2020

Architecture: Giorgos Zafiriou

Interior design: Dimitris Loukas

Photography: Pantelis Chadoulis

Project Partners:

Novamon Development Construction, Pan-Tex Constructions, Aluminox, Coco-Mat, Fousteris, Varelas, Sanco, Placed, Kaykas, Novamix, Prowood, Collezione Imports, Darzentas Pools, Chatziparasoglou, Kamarinos Design, Mitris Metal Construction


BigSEE Interior Design Award 2020 – Winner
BigSEE Tourism Design Award 2020 – Winner


Nature Eco Residences Santorini

Dimitris Loukas Interior Architecture

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