LOF FASHIONSTORE by Judit Hvan Mourik


SIZE : 55M2


photography: danny de jong

7b181c_5a0606caf2ae4ba698ed270929ac1696judithvanmourik is a graduate of AMFI, Amsterdam Fashion Institute and Willem de Kooning Academy. Soon after she completed her degree at AFMI, she started her own company. From 2000 she is a stylist for photography of all kind of advertisement. After more than ten years of styling work, she got a professional degree in Spatial Design at the Willem de Kooning Academy. As an interior architect she works on multi-disciplinary projects across Europe and Asia. She brings a broad perspective and a high level of creativity.

 judithvanmourik | interior architecture is an interior design company located in The Netherlands, offering a complete design service. The company style is effortless and eclectic, casual luxury that reflects international influence and has worldwide appeal.They are representing the aesthetics, brand identity and create distinct destinations.

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