Gjøvik House by Norm Architects

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Location: Gjøvik, Norway

Architects: Norm Architects

Lead Architect: Linda Korndal
Architect: Mette Degn

An hour north of Oslo, located on a majestic hill side facing the Norwegian woods and Mjøsa lake, lies the Gjøvik house; a modern and minimal cluster house created by Norm Architects. The Gjøvik house, consisting of overlapping cubes of different sizes, makes for an intimate and dynamic family home with materials, levels and inbuilt, tailor-made furniture creating a minimal yet warm and secluded feeling. The house gracefully embraces the hill side terrain, merging with its surroundings in a humble and natural manner. Having thoroughly considered the climate in the process of designing the house, the idea behind the cluster style house was to give the home a cosy and inviting feel, where you can truly hibernate while taking shelter from the frigid days of Nordic winter.

“The modern cluster house gives you the sensation of being together, when not necessarily being in the same room, with thresholds defined by switching levels and materials.”

Norm Architects











All images courtesy of Norm Architects


Norm Architects


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1205 Copenhagen

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Norm Architects


Kelly Behun’s Long Island Home

Location : Southampton, New York

Architecture: Sawyer and Berson
Interior design : Kelly Behun
Photography by William Waldron & Daniel Kukla



Kelly Behun Photography by Rick Wenner

“This is my home, the place where I most like to experiment, and the most pure expression of my personal design aesthetic.

The house has evolved into something of a laboratory for my work, I am always moving things around, doing interventions on existing pieces or prototyping new designs, most of which end up here not always to my husband’s delight.

The architecture is classically modern, with large volumes of limestone and glass tempered by matte plaster walls and warmly toned walnut floors.

Most of the furnishings are either made by hand or have a hand wrought quality, with lots of vintage pieces, carved woods and textiles from around the world.

The curved plaster staircase is a focal point meant to evoke both a nautilus shell and the powdery whitewashed tones of the Greek Islands.

Our favorite gathering place is my husband’s library which glows at night from lighted bookshelves and where he usually presides from behind his desk, made from a discarded section of metal retaining wall.”

Kelly Behun

Kelly Behun


Kelly Behun Photography by Rick Wenner

Kelly Behun grew up in Pittsburgh, PA, and attended the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. After moving to New York she joined Ian Schrager Hotels’ in-house Design Studio where she worked with Andree Putman, trained under renowned designer Philippe Starck, and was an integral member of the design team that created the Delano in Miami, Mondrian in Los Angeles, and Royalton, Paramount, Morgans and Hudson hotels in New York City.

She opened k e l l y b e h u n |STUDIO, known for its comprehensive and highly bespoke approach to interior design projects and its exclusive line of furniture and home accessories.  Her limited edition line of furniture, including artist collaborations, was exhibited in a solo show entitled “AFTER” at the R20th Gallery in Tribeca.

Kelly’s design work has been featured in numerous domestic and international design and shelter magazines and television shows, as well as on the cover of the book “Bathrooms” and “The Bathroom Design File,” published by Ryland, Peters & Small. Her collaboration with Vladimir Kagan is featured in “The Complete Kagan” published by Pointed Leaf Press. Her line is sold at Barneys, SuiteNY, and other exclusive retailers, as well as her storefront on 1st Dibs. Kelly is a member of  Elle Décor Magazine’s A-List of Interior Designers.

In the Fall of 2016 her new line of home furnishings and accessories debuts at her pop-up shop, entitled “A Kook Milieu” at Barneys New York.  Ms. Behun lives in New York City with her husband and two sons.

ARCHITECTURE : Sawyer and Berson


Sawyer | Berson is an interdisciplinary firm practicing architecture, landscape architecture and interior design based in New York City. The firm’s work includes private houses and gardens, apartments, townhouses and urban roof terraces as well as commercial and institutional projects throughout the United States.

Sawyer | Berson was founded in 1999 by Brian Sawyer and John Berson. The firm works in a variety of styles and seeks to achieve unique designs in traditional and modern vocabularies. All projects are supported by rigorous historical, contextual and technical research and are developed in close consultation with the client. The firm’s work has received several awards and been featured in major publications and books.





NEW YORK, NY 10003


M Social Singapore by Philippe Starck

Location : Singapore Gardens and Green Fields / Singapour / 2016

“M Social is where all the elements of the world – including creativity, humour and love – come together in an explosion of energy to create the joy of today’s and tomorrow’s world. To me, it is a stage dedicated to creative people.” Philippe Starck


“M Social will be the new and vibrant place in Singapore where elegance, creativity and technology meet to offer a unique experience to our global smart tribe” says Philippe Starck .


M Social Singapore has 293 rooms and thrives on an interplay of friendship, community and new experiences. It is built on the democratic premise of giving the best, while being affordable to the greatest number of people, particularly those with a millennial mindset. Guided by these principles, Starck conceptualised the project as an avant-garde laboratory in the ever-evolving neighbourhood of Robertson Quay.

Throughout the project, the density and strength of raw concrete is balanced with the concept of immateriality by the use of multimedia projections and video screens.

Communal Spaces
In the driveway, be greeted by steel sculptures of two peanuts as well as a cube, all finished with a bronze, rust-like patina. The latter conveniently doubles up as additional luggage storage area. Enter the reception area and be greeted by a 10m-long high table flanked with three display cabinets designed by Starck. Underneath, a veined alabaster floor lit from the inside recalls the effect of marble, and delineates this section, which can double up as a mini business centre.

A second public area is the restaurant and bar, Beast & Butterflies, deliberately kept in a separate part of the hotel to differentiate the experience. Unifying them are the patterned floor tiles specially flown in from Spain that lend elegance and a sense of identity. At Beast & Butterflies, an extraordinary universe of community and conviviality await. Look up and be wow-ed by the eight chandeliers recessed into the ceiling. Each is intentionally different from the next to emulate diversity and stimulate creativity.

Along one wall in the restaurant, 40 tablets are mounted and run its length, projecting contemporary artworks. These screens are conceived as a unique opensource platform of expression and creativity, where artists from all around the world can submit their creations to be exhibited. The furniture is all designed by Starck, featuring tan-coloured leather armchairs interspersed with retro-style checked sofas made by weaving leather together. On the tables, clusters of lava lamps add a contemplative touch as the wax inside rise and fall hypnotically. Venture further into Beast & Butterflies and come across communal tables made using the same inside-lit alabaster as the flooring in the reception that encourage meeting and mingling.

An open kitchen gives diners a glimpse of the inner workings of the culinary team, while two 13.5m counter tops overlook the bar, embedded with a total of 28 television screens. Up above, LED lights incorporated with motiondetection technology get activated when there is a flow of human traffic. Equally eye-catching are the black columns that run along Beast & Butterflies.

Onto them are painted murals by Spanish artist Luis Urculo, who also customised pieces in a similar style to line the walls of the lift shaft. At first glance, they appear disconnected and fragmented, much like a cabinet of curiousities.

They invite guests to view them several times to conceive their own interpretations, and, in the process, create an intimate relationship. Ride the lift up to the fifth floor and enjoy the experience created by Urculo’s mural that almost evokes cinematic travel. In the open-air deck, a 31m-long lap pool tiled with glittering blue mosaic stretches out towards the historic Singapore River. Woven grey lampshades hang on the green wall where lush plants grow, each placed beside a wooden outdoor lounger.

The Rooms
Up in the guest rooms tucked across 10 floors are four different tiers available for selection: The Nice Room, The Nicer Room, The Big Room and The Bigger Room. The rooms are conceived to offer confortable and timeless elegance to the modern and avant-garde millennium tribe – think warm colour tones, luxurious pashmina throws and thick carpets, ensconced within spaces that have generous ceiling heights of up to 5m.

The versatility of the rooms naturally creates different spaces in which guests can work, play, read, sleep with the best possible service. Each of the accommodation options come in varying sizes and configurations. For instance, The Nicer Room has a terrace attached to it, while The Bigger Room is actually a duplex-style loft with a terrace.

all images © M social Singapore

“If there is no vision, humane, social or loving, a project doesn’t have the legitimacy to exist.” Philippe Starck





M Social Singapore


Philippe Starck brings his democratic design vision to the Singapore hotel scene with M Social Singapore — a meeting place, a node, a gathering of independent spirits who thrive on friendship, community and new experiences. It is a hotel for the curious, the explorers and the ones who dare to dream.

Located along the historic and picturesque Singapore River, M Social Singapore is the latest addition to Millennium Hotels and Resorts’ signature Leng’s Collection. Featuring 293 rooms and suites, this designer hotel overlooks the vibrant Robertson Quay precinct that is home to a plethora of quaint dining, entertainment, and shopping options including Central Mall and UE Square Mall.

Adresse: 90 Robertson Quay, Singapour 238259









“beauty in imperfection”

This fall, the Danish design company Muubs adds a refined twist to their raw and rustic look with unique news in the collection. Among other items, you can find leather lamps and upsizing, which results in the large terracotta vases standing out almost as small pieces of art.

The handmade, honest design leaves traces of hands that possess craft-skills to the unique products. This is still an essential part of the fundament for Muubs who develop their design items in Denmark and works with manufactures in Asian countries in order to create the unique signature collections.

The raw and rustic expression with the handmade signature is, by Muubs, described as “beauty in imperfection.”

Get more inspiration from Muubs via: https://www.instagram.com/muubs/


The majestic Mano table, made from one single piece of suar wood.
Contact ordre@muubs.com if you want more information about the Manu slab wood table

Get more inspiration from Muubs via: https://www.instagram.com/muubs/ – à M/S Søfartsmuseet.


Muubs concrete houses can be used both as book stops, candlestick holders and adventdecorations. Find them here: http://www.muubs.com/search-products?q=concrete+house


Muubs iron Cabinets. Keep it all at one place with the raw piece of furniture, that comes in various styles and sizes. See all iron cabinets online right here:

13417419_10154196758981698_3224181588378984619_n.jpgLet us introduce you to the Jay champagne cooler – the newest member of the Muubs family and definitely the gathering point of the party. You can order Jay from 01-07-2016 – à M/S Søfartsmuseet.

13433267_10154196768436698_8814710026331800051_o.jpgAW2016 sneak peek
The Swift Mug is the newest member of the Muubs Swift Series. Swift is handmade stoneware from Bali, with a uniqe glazing in dark nuances. See all Swift online here:
– àM/S Søfartsmuseet.

all photos by Muubs


Muubs in the rough is honest long lasting design. We make unexpected enduring objects which age gracefully Muubs in the rough is honest long lasting design. We make unexpected enduring objects which age gracefullyd83b0032692587.568f915835e07.jpg8dcebe32692587.568f8fb486293.jpg3cd43032692587-568f91582a9b360dae732692587-568f91582bdb8cdfbb132692587-568f91582f3ffe9d97732692587.568f91582e2f0.jpgBlack and earth colors still serve as the fundament for the SS2016 collection, but Muubs complements these colors with warm and natural nuances from, among other, the aqua color scale such as green and blue.754d1832692587.568f915836e68.jpgb30a2f32692587-568f915831686bdc77832692587-568f91582d0cb1c114632692587-568f9158304a1b4faac32692587-568f8fb48b1c986411f32692587-568f915833a3ab7f6a432692587-568f91583929d0cf42732692587-568f915834b852dcfb232692587-568f8fb4877a38813e832692587.568f90ee68cc7.jpgDacarr by Muubs has Europe’s largest range of upcyclin storage products for both indoor and outdoor use.

The products are made of 100% upcycled car tires and bicycle tubes.
At the same time each product is handmade by specialized and skilled craftsmenf9ac4832692587-568f8fb488d2604651232692587-568f8fb489cdf



In 2010 Bent & Dorthe Povlsen wanted to create a unique company with furniture and interiors for individual homes. With a strong focus on craftsmanship and nature Muubs has created unique products that express authenticity and honesty.
In the creation of a new product, the designs are tested by assessing whether men would like it. This has given the collection a bit more edge and a more masculine twist.


Muubs is an innovative furniture and interior business. We specialize in designing and producing furniture and interior exclusively in raw materials.
Muubs products all have a raw and unique urban look that fits into most interior design as a contrast to the minimalistic.
We wish to express the forces of nature and its beautiful, intense rawness.

Mission: To make objects for a home celebrating individuality of the people living in it.

Vision: To make honest long lasting design. Unexpected enduring objects which age gracefully.

Muubs   |   OREBYGÅRDVEJ 9   |   DK-7400 HERNING   |   (+45) 9626 0330   |   INFO@MUUBS.COM