YA-House by Kubota Architect Atelier

  Location:  Nishinomiya, Hyogo, Japan Site area: 888.54 m2 Footprint area; 180.88 m2 Tatal floor area; 239.11 m2 Year: 2015 Architects: Kubota Architect Atelier Structural system: Reinfoced concrete All images courtesy of Kubota Architect Atelier   Kubota Architect Atelier Contact VISIT Kubota Architect Atelier

House on Ikema Island by 1100 Architect

Location: Okinawa, Japan Year: 2016 Architects: 1100 Architect Photography: © Shinichi Sato Perched on the edge of a cliff on Japan’s remote Ikema Island, this house provides a meditative retreat with expansive views of the East China Sea. To maximize water views and to manage privacy, the structure is divided into two levels: on ground level, a…

MU by Ikeda Yukie Architects

Location: Hachinohe, Aomori, Japan Area: 96m2 Year: 2016 Architects: Ikeda Yukie Architects  Constructor: Tanabu Group Structural: MID architectural Design: Structure Laboratory Photography: © Koichi Torimura All images courtesy of Ikeda Yukie Architects Ikeda Yukie Architects Yukie Ikeda architect 1st. class registered architect (Japan) Read more here   VISIT Ikeda Yukie Architects